Kazakhstan — Ukraine. Press Conference Highlights

On August 31, as part of the selection for the FIFA World Cup, in Astana arena was held a press conference between the national teams of Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Mukhamedzhan Seisen, the goalkeeper of the national team, and Igor Svechnikov, assistant head coach, represented the Kazakhstan national team. The national team of Ukraine was represented by the player of the national team Andriy Yarmolenko and the head coach Alexander Petrakov.

«It is very important for me to play for the sake of my country.»

Muhamedzhan Seisen — national team goalkeeper

«We are ready to show the game to tomorrow’s match with the power of the audience.»

Igor Svechnikov — assistant head coach (full interview below)

About Talgat Baysufinov

Talgat Baysufinov is motivated for the game. He is feeling ready to lead the team. According to the all rules, we passed the COVID test. Now waiting for results. Everything is under control.

Our relationships as past colleagues with Talgat Baysufinov gave us a huge result: creation and realization are important for the team .

Is Zainutdinov ready for the game?

Everyone was interested in a curious question. Due to the fact that he was injured, he has a special training program. His condition is being monitored.

Is Zhukov playing for the national team or for Boranbaev?

Zhukov plays for Polish International Championships, he had problems with health. At the moment, the injury does not bother him. Generally, he is ready to play.  We need players who can and will prove.

About the new coach of the national team of Ukraine.

There is no pros and cons, he worked with junior team, proved all abilities, now his students are with him. For our team there is no differences having new or previous coach.